Militant Atheism

Atheist Ads on Buses and Billboards

Have you noticed a rise in the number of billboards and ads on the side of city buses advertising atheism? Chances are the United Coalition of Reason (UCR) is behind this as part of their national campaign to ‘evangelize’ America. Other groups. such as the American Atheists, are more militant toward Christianity. Recently on a billboard in Huntsville, Alabama, this group attacked churches with the following message: “You Know They’re all Scams.” In an interview on January 4, 2011 with Bill O’Reilly of The Factor, David Silverman, President of American Atheists stated that “everyone knows religion is a scam and a myth” and that churches are “deliberately misleading people.”

History of Militant Atheism

Over the past decade, we’ve observed the rise of a militant atheism bent on ridding our culture of all religions and, in particular, Christianity. Christopher Hitchens in his book, God is Not Great, wrote, “The real axis of evil is Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.” Believing that “organized religion is the main source of hatred in the world,” Hitchens debates religious leaders declaring God a dangerous myth and that scientific discovery should replace religion as the moral compass in our culture.  Two other advocates for this new atheism are Daniel C. Dennett (“What Should Replace Religions?”) and Sam Harris, founder of The Reason Project, whose mission is to fill the religious void with secularism and scientific thinking that embraces Darwin’s Evolution.

The ‘Four Horseman’ of the New Atheism

Though Hitchens, Dennett, and Harris work tirelessly for the removal of Christianity as an influential force in our culture, perhaps the most hostile and militant of the ‘Four Horseman’ is Richard Dawkins (The God Delusion).  Referred to as “Darwin’s Rottweiler,” Dawkins lays out his vision for the rise of atheism and it’s influence on our culture in a 2002 presentation at the TED Talks (seen below). Openly despising Christianity, Dawkins declares that “evolution is fundamentally hostile to religion” and calls for a militant atheism to rise up against such things as Intelligent Design, belief in the supernatural, and life beyond the grave. In a campaign similar to the Gay Rights Movement, he calls for all ‘closet’ atheists to ‘come out’ and join his movement to sway the educational, judicial, and political systems in this country away from God.

Richard Dawkins:  An Atheist’s Call to Arms


A Call to Prayer

As I study these intelligent men and their determination to destroy Christianity, I’m reminded of a similar man who also gave his life to persecute the Church. As a result of the prayers of the saints and the willingness of some like Stephen to lay down their lives to the point of death, a radical transformation occurred in the life of Paul as we read about in Acts 9:4-5: “‘…Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?’ ‘Who are you Lord?’ Saul asked.” Though we should give a reasonable defense of the Gospel, the course of history will never be changed by our rational arguments but only when we stand in prayer against the forces of darkness and lay down our lives in a ‘militant’ love for those who seek to destroy what God has created.

Divided Church – Divided Nation

Next Tuesday millions across this nation will go to the polls and elect our leaders for the next two to six years. In January, the newly elected will head off to Washington and the various state capitals to represent our interests as they vote on a number of critical issues. But for whose interests are they really looking out and how do they know to which voice to listen, particularly when so many opposing views are clamoring for their attention?

A House Divided

We in America live in a sharply divided nation, a nation polarized between blue states and red states, conservatives and liberals, pro-this and anti-that, saturating the very fabric of our culture and influencing the Church to the point that Christian Conservatives are seen as little more than the far-right extreme of the Republican Party while Christian Liberals are perceived as ‘in bed’ with the Democrats and the far-left “liberal loons,” as Bill O’Reilly  of The Factor is often fond of saying.

Salt Anyone?

Instead of ‘salty’ Christians influencing an American culture that is rapidly spiraling away from God, the Church has allowed the culture to ‘season‘ our understanding of God’s Word leaving us a Community of Believers guided by the ideology of the day instead of the Spirit of God through His Word. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe its the Church in America, having “…forsaken (its) first love…” (Revelation 2:4) as did the church in Ephesus, that is the corrupting force behind this division. Either way the end result is still the same:  A Divided Church, the mirror image of our culture. I can’t help but wonder if Jesus was referring to the Church in America in Matthew 5:13 when he spoke about the consequences of salt losing it’s saltiness and being “…no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”

Cultural Battle Lines:  Liberal vs. Conservative

For the most part, this cultural battle is played out along two lines:  Those who see themselves as Liberal, although many on the left prefer the term Progressive, against those who hold to Conservative values, each touting their differences with boisterous rhetoric spouting from the halls of Congress to the pulpits across this land. But is each side really that different from the other? Is is possible their motives are the same? The makers of present a humorous but poignant sketch on Liberals vs Conservatives suggesting that what each side shares in common is the desire for power and that those we elect are merely a reflection of what’s in our own hearts. Given what we see in Washington today, that’s a sobering thought as well as an indictment of the spiritual condition of our nation!


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