About John Savell

John Savell has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in working with Children and Families.  With over 32 years experience in the mental health field, he has worked in psychiatric hospitals, outpatient clinics, prison settings, neuropsychological rehabilitation centers, private practice, and several colleges and universities throughout Texas.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

A licensed Psychologist in the State of Texas ,  he divides his time between private practice, writing a couple of fictional novels, and participating with his wife, Rebecca,  in The Highway, a spiritual growth seminar sponsored by CrossWays Ministries.

Ordained Minister

An ordained minister through Foundation Ministries, he serves on the Board of Directors for Chi Alpha Ministries at TCU in Fort Worth and is actively involved in Capstone Church.


Currently, he is writing his second fictional novel, A Conversation with a Mule, which focuses on the sharp division in our culture over numerous issues such as gay rights, abortion, immigration, etc, and it’s impact upon the Church in America.

In John’s first book, A World Without Kings tells the fictional story of a young man’s journey to become a man and to find his heart. Over the past twenty years, there has been a growing interest among men in exploring the ‘deep waters’ of their own hearts as evidenced by the popularity of authors such as John Eldredge and Stu Weber. While these and similar books summon men to embrace their masculine identity and to reject a passivity that began with Adam, A World Without Kings presents this challenge in the language of the heart, a story. This book will speak to those men who’ve begun their own journey of the heart and usher them into a deeper level as they seek to live an authentic life. Though completed, this book is currently in editing.

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