But Is It a Person?

Value of the Life vs. the Happiness of the Mother

On January 11, 1982, an article appeared in Newsweek titled, But Is It a Person? After five pages of scientific evidence showing that a baby in the womb is indeed human life, the article concluded that the problem was not in determining the beginning of life, but when “other considerations such as the health or even the happiness of the mother begins to outweigh the value of that life.” …scary proposition, if you ask me. For if I can arbitrarily decide that my happiness has more value than a life inside the womb and thus terminate it, then it’s just a few short steps for society to arbitrarily decide to take anyone’s life if that society deems it to be in its best interest. By the way, this type of reasoning was what led to the death of millions in Nazi Germany during WWII. In part 2 of The Christian Manifesto, Dr. Francis Schaeffer speaks on the issue of abortion and of how this nation is rapidly “moving toward a totally humanistic society.”

The Christian Manifesto – Part 2 of 3


Prophetic Words

Is it possible that the prophetic words Dr. Schaeffer spoke a generation ago have come to pass, that we have already become a “totally humanistic society” in which humanistic ‘theology’ now guides our country instead of the Christian principles upon which our founding fathers built this nation?

Is It Too Late For Revival?

The great revivals of the past not only called for individual salvation but also brought forth real social change. The only question remaining is this: Is revival enough to change the direction of our culture? Or do we need another Reformation of the same magnitude as Martin Luther nailing his Ninety-Five Theses on the door of All Saints Church in Wittenberg to rid this country of the ‘psychological indulgences’ designed to absolve guilt for what the Bible calls sin, indulgences casually given out by the ‘high priests’ of this society: the therapists, clinicians, physicians, the courts, and liberal theologians? Though it is essential that Christians stand against this onslaught from the enemy, true change will only come as God’s people go to their knees and pray for the Spirit of God to change the heart of this nation.

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  1. Aaron Reeves says:

    Wow!!! You have rolled up your sleeves and waded into most controversial areas of our society. I love it that you are not afraid to broach even the most sensitive of subjects facing our nation today. Let me know where you need me and my sword. I will go to battle along side you any day!!

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