Divided Church – Divided Nation

Next Tuesday millions across this nation will go to the polls and elect our leaders for the next two to six years. In January, the newly elected will head off to Washington and the various state capitals to represent our interests as they vote on a number of critical issues. But for whose interests are they really looking out and how do they know to which voice to listen, particularly when so many opposing views are clamoring for their attention?

A House Divided

We in America live in a sharply divided nation, a nation polarized between blue states and red states, conservatives and liberals, pro-this and anti-that, saturating the very fabric of our culture and influencing the Church to the point that Christian Conservatives are seen as little more than the far-right extreme of the Republican Party while Christian Liberals are perceived as ‘in bed’ with the Democrats and the far-left “liberal loons,” as Bill O’Reilly  of The Factor is often fond of saying.

Salt Anyone?

Instead of ‘salty’ Christians influencing an American culture that is rapidly spiraling away from God, the Church has allowed the culture to ‘season‘ our understanding of God’s Word leaving us a Community of Believers guided by the ideology of the day instead of the Spirit of God through His Word. Or maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe its the Church in America, having “…forsaken (its) first love…” (Revelation 2:4) as did the church in Ephesus, that is the corrupting force behind this division. Either way the end result is still the same:  A Divided Church, the mirror image of our culture. I can’t help but wonder if Jesus was referring to the Church in America in Matthew 5:13 when he spoke about the consequences of salt losing it’s saltiness and being “…no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.”

Cultural Battle Lines:  Liberal vs. Conservative

For the most part, this cultural battle is played out along two lines:  Those who see themselves as Liberal, although many on the left prefer the term Progressive, against those who hold to Conservative values, each touting their differences with boisterous rhetoric spouting from the halls of Congress to the pulpits across this land. But is each side really that different from the other? Is is possible their motives are the same? The makers of  whatyououghttoknow.com present a humorous but poignant sketch on Liberals vs Conservatives suggesting that what each side shares in common is the desire for power and that those we elect are merely a reflection of what’s in our own hearts. Given what we see in Washington today, that’s a sobering thought as well as an indictment of the spiritual condition of our nation!


2 Responses to “ “Divided Church – Divided Nation”

  1. Aaron Reeves says:

    What is the motive of my heart? Irregardless of the words I speak, how do I live my life when I believe no one is looking?

  2. Sandy says:

    The thoughts you shared are ones I have been pondering for a while now. My heart is heavy but my spirit soars at the thought that God is in control. We all need to wake up each day and breathe God, but we also need to contemplate what He would have us do each and every day. Your blog is a great way for me to find out what is going on in the minds and hearts of those who love our country.

    Thank you.

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